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Archive for November, 2011

Stormy Palms

I think this title sounds a little like the name of a lead actor in an adult entertainment film…


Prevelly Corner

I really like this spot. I took heaps of shots last time I was here and this is another.

Another Wedding Shot

Pool Man

Crazy Photoshop

I went a bit crazy in Photoshop on this one. So, let me be clear this is not a reflection of reality – it is an artistic interpretation of the emotions of the day. Or something like that…

Wedding Weekend

Watched my great friends Nikki and Andy get married on the weekend. Managed to sneak in a few photos during my duties as a groomsmen. More to come…

Beach Action

The moving water is the middle of the day at Contos. Some cheeky ND filter action thrown in for good measure. The other shot is at Prevelly beach.