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Archive for October, 2011

Coast Watch

I spent last weekend down south for a mate’s Bucks party. Epic weekend!

I grabbed these couple of shots at Contos. I didn’t have a proper telephoto with me so I had to settle for beach action.


Buenos Aires

These shots are from Buenos Aires. I would have liked to know what is behind the doorway…but it was a bit of a dodgy area.

Full On Scene

I like this. Not sure why. That’s all.


Everyone that heads to Macchu Picchu inevitably flies into Cuzco. It is an awesome place that is a lot more authentic South America than a lot of other places. The women in the bright clothes are only too happy to have a photo, as long as the inevitable pesos change hands afterwards. The church is in the town square which is one of the nicest ones I have seen.

Macchu Picchu

Just got back from South America last night. Saw some amazing things but I thought I would start with the most obvious – Macchu Picchu. It really lives up to every expectation. Such a phenomenal achievement in a truly amazing location.


I’m currently on a sabbatical in South America. Had the camera out a fair bit in Mendoza (Argentina), Rio D.J, and now Buenos Aires. I don’t have my lappy so I only have raw files – hence no uploads. I’ll try and get a few up quickly when I get home to Australia. For now, check out this photographer I have discovered while over here: