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Archive for January, 2011

Timeless Train

This train lies off the Dampier to Karratha Highway near the 6 Mile rail turnoff. It’s sitting near a railway museum that doesn’t appear to be open very often but all the old machinery is still viewable. When I first saw this train I was driving home from work at sunset and it was silhouetted against the light. When I tried to get near it with a couple of friends from work we ended up getting stopped by a train carriage inspector who was worried we would walk out onto the train line. He kindly escorted us up to it to take a couple of shots before he had to head back off to work. I like the way the colours still look bold after years out in the heat and weather.


The Present

This is an image of what I assume to be aboriginal rock art. There is documented rock art on the road out to Hearson’s Cove near a creek. Having seen that with my own eyes it is quite faint in most cases whereas this example is really striking when you see it. I was walking down a creek bed at sunset near the Karratha Gas Plant and I looked up and saw it. The sky was a real greyish blue on that day but it had a mottled pattern which made it look quite unique. This also happens to be the first image of mine that someone else had printed – thanks for the support Wayne.

The Past

I’ve started this blog with the most recent photos I’ve taken. I now intend to go backwards in time. Over the last few months I’ve spent a lot of time working in Karratha and so naturally I’ve shot a lot of different locations around the Burrup Peninsula. This is a shot during one of the first times I took out the 550d. I went out with a mate named Denis and left the delay timer on. I think it captures the time I’ve spent up north – gazing off into the distance at sunset. In the next few days I’ll try and get some shots up of what I have actually taken photos of.

The Beginning

This is a big day for me –¬†finally starting a photography blog. I was at a Christian Fletcher & Nick Rains course over the weekend in Bunker Bay. When we were packing up to head home on Sunday, Merv (another attendee) asked whether I had a blog. I was quite embarrased to say ‘no’. So to repair the damage and regain some credibility I’ve kicked off my blog with a couple of images from the weekend course. I haven’t spent much time on them and have applied some very recently learned techniques – but you have to start somewhere…